What are OFC Groups? (Groups are currently on hold due to Covid)

OFC Groups are Overflow's small group ministry where we experience God in community together.  Our goal is that God's Word would come to life and become more real to each of us as we hear from Him directly about our current life situations. 

How do I find a group?

Overflow has two types of groups.
  • Follow Groups are groups that follow along with the sermon series. Going beyond the Sunday morning sermon and into the lives of those in the group. 
  • Life Groups are groups that are studying a specific topic. Topics can range from marriage, parenting, relationships, service and many more. These groups give an opportunity to focus on a specific area of your life that you desire knowledge and accountability in. 

Find a group you are interested in and click on the group leaders name. 

Follow Groups

Jeremy and Carrie Wood

Sunday @ 6pm in Mize 

Steve and Betty Stains
Sunday @6pm Martinville

Jason and Haley Bush 
Sunday 4pm Pinola

Melanie Smith 

Ladies Group

Friday @6pm Magee

Life Groups

His Needs Her Needs 

Joe and Jen Thornton 

Wednesday @6pm Mendenhall

*Closed Group. Open to those who were a part of OFC Marriage Weekend.

The Book of Ephesians 

Cyndi Barns

Wednesday @6pm Magee

* Ladies Group

Bondage Breaker

Overcoming Negative Thoughts - Irrational Feelings - Habitual Sins

Fred Temple 

Sunday @6pm Mendenhall

222 Railroad Dr. 

Magee, MS 39111

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