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Do you want to connect to more people but simply can't meet with a group each week? Do you live outside Simpson County? Do you wish there was a group that fit in your busy life? Welcome to a new kind of connection group! It's an 8 week online study group with self-paced daily studies from the Seven Realities for Experiencing God and will be facilitated through social media by Matthew Allen. With three potluck meetings, weekly life challenges and exciting mission opportunities!


Seven Realities for Experiencing God - How to Know and Do the Will of God

We can identify three similarities in the lives of Bible characters through whom God worked:
1. When God spoke, they knew it was God.
2. They knew what God was saying.
3. They knew what they were to do in response.
Wouldn’t you like for your walk with God to be such that He worked through you that way? He wants to move you into that kind of relationship. I trust this course will help you grow in your understanding of God.

-Smartphone and Facebook
-Buy the work book
-Agree to participate in the closed group online discussions
-Attend three potluck meetings (Let's hang out and eat!)
-Encourage each other to connect in person=to do life together!
-Ask for prayer/help when needed!


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